• Probate Mediation

    Upon the death of a loved one, many times heirs believe that they are not receiving what they are entitled to. Mediation can assist in the readjustment of the Who Gets What When among the parties in a manner more palatable to everyone.

  • Agricultural
    Farm Family

    Ownership, control and livelihood of all participants of the Farm Family include unique issues – property, internal politics between generations, – mediation can protect your investment and sweat equity!

  • Inter-Generational

    Multiple generations of a family including the Elders, 2nd spouse, children, ex-spouse, etc regarding long term care now and final estate planning minimizing conflict between the caregiver and family prior to death of the Elder.

  • Divorce Mediation

    As your mediator, we will assist you in considering each of the issues the Massachusetts legal system requires you to resolve as part of your divorce, including ongoing visitation and/or custody issues.


We pride ourselves on being a Mediation firm with Attorney-Mediators that provide quality and affordable mediation services to a culturally and financially diverse clientele. This includes clients from many different cultures both geographically as well as profession/vocation.  Our clientele includes parties from across the globe as well here in Massachusetts and neighboring States; they include Professionals, Family Business owners, Farmers, Bakers, Athletes, Teachers, Ice Cream Vendors, Retired Veterans on disability and family members with mental illness.   The unifying theme among all of these groups is the family dynamic which is universal regardless of the trappings or how many generations are involved. Everyone regardless of their background deserve to be heard and have an opportunity to work together to have their needs met. We can help with that!