Mediation is not the practice of law. As detailed in this website, our mediators do not serve as either party’s attorney or as both parties’ attorney. No attorney-client relationship is created in our work with either  party.

We use the phrase ‘Attorney-Mediator’ as this is the convention among alternative dispute resolution professionals to reflect that we are mediators with legal degrees.


Information, Not Advice

Any information pertaining to Massachusetts Estate Planning, Elder Law, Medicaid, Probate Administration, Divorce, Taxation, Mediation, Mental Health Issues, Agricultural based issues or other areas of the law, and any resource materials on this web site are for GENERAL INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY, as a service to our clients. Although we update and revise our site’s information frequently, we do not promise that its content is accurate or the most current.

Information on this site may not apply to your unique family and individual circumstance. It is not a substitute for independent advice from a Massachusetts attorney, accountant, or other adviser. Accordingly, we are not responsible for any damages or consequences occasioned by your relying on these materials.


Privacy Policy

We respect and understand that your privacy is important to you. Personal information you share with us will never be used by us for any other purpose and never be released to any third party for any purpose.